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There is a fascinating new site that I wanted to take a minute and tell you about today. It is a unique site in the sense that there is nothing like it on the Internet. It is not a copy, a diversion or a cheap knock off in any sense of the word.

Now, Ladies, do you want a Tattoo? Do you want that beautiful piece of art on your skin for all time? Do you want the closeness and connection with people of similar interests without joining one of the collosal sites where you have to dig through hundreds of thousands of users to get that few people who share your interest in the world of ink?

Well then, if this sounds like you, then is the place for you and all of those you know who share your ideas, interests and goals.

Let me give you a brief introduction to how the process works.

First, for no fee whatsoever, Ladies come to the site and sign up. They fill out a profile, describe their dream tattoo in detail, upload a picture or fifty if they want and the show begins. is a website that is completely pro-active on the Ladies part. The more interest they generate, the more money they can make and the quicker they can get that dream piece of art on their skin.

Each Lady is provided with a link, personal to them, that will track how many signups that she is responsible for. These credits can get you all kinds of fun merchandise and playthings.

More importantly, if they get Men to join, they higher the chances are that they will receive donations to their Tattoo Bank. That is the beauty of the site. Everyone has an equal chance to get what they want, they just have to work to get it.

Men are not excluded from the process either. For a nominal monthly fee they get access to wonderful women who share their love of ink and the entire tattoo scene. If they like the lady, they can donate to their Tattoo Bank. Plus, as a Premium Member, they get an opportunity to be allowed access to the ladies Private Albums where there are no restrictions, no rules and no limitations.

If this sounds like a fascinating idea to you, then please come on over to and signup, I promise you that you won't be disappointed.
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